Terry wants to buy a load of cutlery for £300 and sell it to a mate who has a wine bar for £400, using Curly's money. Curly refuses to let him use the money but Terry wears down his defences and Curly gives him £300, threatening to end the partnership if the venture doesn't pay off. Six boxes of stationery are delivered to The Kabin. Mavis is horrified. Rita orders Derek to get rid of them. Brian brings Liz Turnbull to No.13 for dinner with the Websters. Terry returns Curly's £300 but tells him there'll be no point as the van has broken down and must be repaired. Gail and Ivy see Brian kissing Liz in the Rovers. Gail is furious and tells him that there's no way he's taking Nicky away if he's taking another woman.


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