Elsie thinks Christine is going to be sacked but Dennis thinks it'll be her as she's older. Harry grows depressed on the dole. He feels he's only fit to drive buses. Frank thinks Ken is unwise seeing Marian Lund again but Ken stresses the point that she's now married. Minnie gives Harry an advert for a warehouse and traffic manager job. He's not interested but takes the cutting anyway. Elsie decides to resign before she's sacked. Val has to back out of seeing Marian when Ena reminds her that she made a hair appointment which she didn't note down. Miss Read tells Elsie she can stay in the department as she has more experience than Christine. Annie goes down with the summer chill. Florrie tells Len that Elliston's Raincoat Factory has to close for two weeks as they have no orders, and Sheila has gone to Bridlington with her parents. Harry borrows £20 from Len. Christine is put in charge of children's wear. She makes up with Elsie before she leaves. Marian's husband has food poisoning and, to Val's horror, Ken decides to see Marian on his own. Harry refuses to let Concepta go back to work at the Rovers. She tells him she has saved £46 in her post office book. Ken goes out with Marian.


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