Ivy makes up samples of the children's clothes. Tom Hopwood shows Hilda his allotment. She enjoys the way he treats her like a lady. Bet finds nobody is putting money into the staff appreciation Christmas box. She tells Jack that she finds it worrying. Percy finds a Waterboard Man in Hilda's backyard. He thinks that he's the man who stole from Emily so locks him in the outside toilet. The Police arrive but the man turns out to be genuine. The Police take Percy's name down for causing a public nuisance. Rita is annoyed to find Jenny kissing Martin when she should be doing her homework. Maggie allows Mark to model for "Hopscotch". She is horrified to discover it's part of Baldwin's Casuals and rushes to the factory. Jack puts a load of loose change in the staff box to make Bet think that the customers appreciate the staff. Maggie drags Mark away from the fashion parade, telling Mike to stay away from Mark. He is stunned that Mark is his son. Susan demands to know what's going on.


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