Mike tells Susan that Mark is his son. She is upset he's never told her that he had a child. He tells her that he can't handle her emotions on top of his. Martin is glad he's going out with Jenny but doesn't like Rita breathing down his neck. Brian invites Gail round for Christmas dinner, for Nicky's sake, but she's arranged to go to the Roberts' house. Susan goes to see Maggie and shocks her by telling her that she's Mike's wife. Susan makes her see that Mike had no idea who Mark was. Maggie tells her that Mike only looked upon her as a breeding machine. Martin tells Rita he is not going to take advantage of Jenny. Rita respects him for talking to her. Ivy tells Brian that her whole life is ebbing away and she's going to have an awful Christmas without her family. Susan wonders why Mike married her. She asks Mike if it's because she's a convenient battery hen like Maggie.


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