Gail is furious that Audrey wrote to Ian Latimer, prompting his return from Australia. He blames himself for the Tilsleys' break up. He tells her that he'll do whatever she wants him to do. She tells him to go home - she doesn't need him. He offers to marry her but she doesn't want him; she can cope on her own. She doesn't love him. Sally gets Tom Hopwood to visit Hilda to cheer her up. Audrey can't believe Gail has turned Ian's proposal down. She tells her that she's stupid. Tom asks Hilda out to a Co-op dance. She wants to go but isn't sure about his feelings. Audrey lets Ian stay at No.11. She tells him to work on Gail; she'll accept him in the end. Ivy calls on Audrey and finds Ian there. She is furious to see him and tells him that he'll get his comeuppance. Hilda agrees to go dancing. Doctor Lowther calls to see if she can help out at a party he's holding but Hilda is out and Tom tells him that she is going dancing with him. Ivy tells Brian that Ian is back.


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