Hilda is horrified that Tom Hopwood put Doctor Lowther off. Ian Latimer wants to talk to Brian so he doesn't return to Australia feeling like a coward. Ken prints the article about Susan and the Norbury children. Hilda tells Tom that she doesn't want him interfering in her life. She fears the Lowthers will think she's let them down. Brian tells Gail that he won't let her take Nicky to Australia. She tells him that she's turned Ian down. Ken hears from the Chief Fire Officer, discovering there was only a little fire. He accuses Susan of exaggerating the story to sell her clothes. He's sickened that she hasn't got any standards anymore. Ian calls on Gail to say goodbye whilst Brian is there. Ian apologises to Brian but Brian accuses him of ruining his life. He tells Ian that there's no way he's taking his son from him and thumps him. Gail becomes distraught and suffers stomach pains. Doctor Lowther tells Hilda that it's obvious they've been working her too hard and tells her to rest; they can't do without her. Ian calls for an ambulance when Gail realises the baby is on its way at thirty-five weeks. She struggles to keep calm. Ian goes with her to the hospital.


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