Episode 2697
Episode 2697
Production code P694/1697
ITV transmission date 4th February 1987 (Wednesday)
Story associates Paul Abbott
Tom Elliott (Credited as "Tom Elliot")
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Roy Graham
Director Howard Baker
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 2nd February 1987
Next episode 9th February 1987


Gail feels helpless watching Sarah in the incubator. Martin finds it hard to cope at the cafe with Phyllis off and Gail in hospital. Percy helps him out. Ian Latimer has a blood test at the hospital to see if he's Sarah's father. Brian worries about Gail and Sarah but refuses to visit them. Ian's blood test proves that he isn't Sarah's father. He tells Gail he's afraid Brian is the father. She asks him not to tell anyone else. Phyllis takes Edwina Turner on at the cafe as she doesn't want to work with Percy. Ken and Mike are uncomfortable as they eat together. Ian returns to Australia. Audrey is furious that Alf let him go. Mike and Ken agree to disagree about business matters. Gail swears that she'll get by on her own with her children.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



Notable dialogueEdit

Audrey Roberts (to Ivy Tilsley): "Oh, well we all know who you reckon she needs don't we, eh?... that young fellow-me-lad o'yours... who's about as sensitive as a marble headstone, who ditched 'er when she most needed 'im and who cares so much that he hasn't even bothered to go to the hospital to see 'er or the baby."

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