Hugh Ridley calls on Bet and tells her that the Rovers is definitely going to be a tenancy. She is stunned that they have received an application for the tenancy. Bet accuses him of kicking her out and becomes aggressive. Alan shows off his musical skills on the Rovers' piano. Bet's contract is up in four weeks and knows the brewery won't renew it. Alf is furious to find Ken has cut his letter to a minimum in the paper. He accuses Ken of editing it towards his own means and tells him it's his turn to turn nasty. Bet explains her situation to Alec and asks him to lend her the £12,000. He tells her that he'd want 10% interest on it and they agree. He tells her that he doesn't want the brewery to know about the arrangement. Betty thinks that Bet's out of her mind borrowing money from Alec. Alec gives Bet a cheque for £12,000. Alf decides to contact Bob Statham and tell him that Ken is using the Recorder to further his own political career.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Bet is faced with two options: dismissal or debt. Alf Roberts feels he's had the words taken out of his mouth but does Ken Barlow know what kind of man he's dealing with?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,500,000 viewers (4th place).
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