Hilda feels that her sharp tongue has ruined her relationship with Tom Hopwood. Alf is interested to learn Ken has had to drop out of the election. Deirdre is annoyed that Alf has won. Tom and Hilda are reconciled, deciding that it's stupid to argue. Betty is talked into joining the tea dance. Ivy tries to explain to Gail that she didn't invite Liz Turnbull round but Gail doesn't believe her. She tells him that she's not bringing Nicky round to No.5 as long as there's the chance of Liz popping round. Ivy lays into her, accusing her of being a bad mother in the first place for having an affair. Phyllis makes the most of the tea dances to capture new men. Betty meets George Daly at the dance and agrees to be his partner. Alf expects Deirdre to return to work now Ken is out of the elections. She tells him that he's underhand and will never work for him again. Betty and George enjoy dancing together. Phyllis is annoyed as George was her partner and is glad when Sam Tindall turns up. Percy is furious when his "God Save The Queen" record goes missing. He finds it hidden under the tea urn. Gail is upset that Ivy has turned on her. Audrey is furious. Deirdre tells Ken she'd like to stand in the election. Ken thinks it's a brilliant idea as he can be her right-hand man. She tells Alf that she's going to oppose him as an independent. Gloria returns from Canada. Audrey lays into Ivy for upsetting Gail. She tells her that she's stupid - Brian is Sarah's father and that can be proved in court. Ivy is stunned.


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