Episode 2716
Episode 2716
Production code P694/1716
ITV transmission date 13th April 1987 (Monday)
Story associates Paul Abbott
Barry Hill
Writer Tony Perrin
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Richard Holthouse
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 8th April 1987
Next episode 15th April 1987


Gail tells Brian that Ian Latimer had a blood test and it proved Brian is Sarah's father. Brian tells her that Sarah is nothing to do with him. She tells him it's obvious he's too afraid and dares him to pick his child up. She slaps his face, telling him that he should be in the pram. Susan, Sally and Emily help Deirdre with her campaign when they distribute leaflets. Percy tells his dancers they're competition material and plans to start his own old-time dance troupe. Brian accepts that Sarah is his and offers Gail financial support. She tells him that she's not after money so he accuses her of wanting him back. She tells him they've gone too far to get back together. Radio Weatherfield invites Deirdre to talk live to the people. She is surprised at all the attention she's getting. Percy is disappointed when his dancers don't fancy the idea of entering competitions. Brian tells Ivy she must accept the fact that he and Gail are finished.


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