Ken gives Deirdre notes to help her interview on Radio Weatherfield and is put out when she refuses his help - she has to stand on her own feet. Alf is outraged to hear Deirdre criticising him on the radio. Alec offers his services to Alf as his campaign manager in return for favours once he's been elected in. Alf refuses. Percy holds auditions for his dance troupe. Gail decides that it's time she returned to the cafe. Audrey agrees to look after Sarah for her. Deirdre hears that Alf thinks Ken is supporting her not because he wants her to win, but he wants Alf to lose; giving the main vote to the Labour party. Deirdre tackles Ken and he admits that this was his first thought but he's changed his mind. Deirdre is furious and accuses him of treachery.


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