Sally makes Kevin see that they need to have a place of their own. She asks Alf but he tells her that he wants the flat as a store room. Linda Jackson doesn't like Pete spending his time drinking with Terry. Alec tries to get Alan to stock blue videos as he has a lot. Sally enlists Hilda's help to get the flat. Pete feels sure that Terry will take him on at the Builder's Yard. Linda doesn't want him to get involved with him. Alec uses the Rovers as his office, annoying Bet. Hilda tells Alf that the Websters are moving to Partington and Sally will be leaving the shop immediately. Alf realises that he can't campaign without Sally's help. He offers Sally the shop flat. The Websters celebrate and thank Hilda for conning Alf into an agreement. Bet tells Alec that he's just a customer as far as she's concerned. Linda makes it clear to Terry that she doesn't like him. Terry invites Pete to join the firm. Pete is keen but Linda tells Terry they're not interested.


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