Episode 2722
Episode 2722
Production code P694/1722
ITV transmission date 4th May 1987 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Roy Graham
Director Richard Holthouse
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 29th April 1987
Next episode 6th May 1987


Sally gathers bits of furniture together from friends and neighbours. Hilda gives her a bed. Terry tells Linda Jackson that he realises she doesn't like him but she's got him wrong; he just wants to help Pete out. Audrey begins to like canvassing for Alf when the male householders chat her up. Terry invites the Jacksons out for the day. They agree to go to Blackpool. Deirdre campaigns for a crossing on Rosamund Street. Hilda helps the Websters move into the flat. They are furious when Terry takes the van to Blackpool so they can't pick up their furniture from an elderly lady. Deirdre is upset when Gary Willis is knocked down on Rosamund Street, it doesn't make her feel any better that she's been proved right. Ken advises her to turn the accident to her advantage and use the issue to win the election. Then she can get a crossing before there's another accident. Tom Hopwood comes to the Websters' aid and picks up the furniture in his van. Mrs Willis calls on Deirdre and tells her that Gary's leg is broken and she will be voting for her as she knows she is campaigning for a crossing. Terry and the Jacksons have a great time. Audrey tells Alf he'll regret letting the flat to the Websters; they're too irresponsible.


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