Episode 2724
Production code P694/1724
ITV transmission date 11th May 1987 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer Tony Perrin
Designer Eric Deakins
Roy Graham
Director Brian Mills
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 6th May 1987
Next episode 13th May 1987


Percy enjoys having a polling station at the Community Centre, ordering the voters around. Linda Jackson is confused by her feelings towards Terry. Emily, Ken and Susan rally the voters to get them to the polling station to vote for Deirdre. Mavis is in turmoil over who to vote for. In the end she votes for Alf because he's a man. Alec pays Terry and Curly £15 to move a jukebox. Linda gets upset when Pete and Curly get drunk together in the Rovers. She is upset that he hasn't got any self-control. She walks out of the pub when they decide to go to a nightclub. Alf realises that he hasn't canvassed Crimea Street and fears he'll lose to Labour and Ken will have won. Percy is refused entrance to the Centre for the vote counting as he hasn't got a pass. He is devastated. Terry calls on Linda knowing she's alone and makes a pass at her. She tells him that he's got the wrong idea and accuses him of having a one-track mind. He apologises. Alf gets 804 votes, losing to Deirdre who gets 811 votes. The Barlows celebrate.


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