Terry avoids Pete Jackson, fearing that he'll hit him for making the pass. Alf is depressed that he's lost his seat. The Baldwins celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Mike pays for a celebration party at the Rovers for Deirdre. Terry is puzzled when Pete knows nothing of his pass. Ken refuses to let Mike pay for Deirdre's party and pays himself. Deirdre tells Alf that she wants them to remain friends and invites him to her party. Audrey thinks it's a good idea, telling Alf that life goes on. Terry tells Linda Jackson he knows that she didn't tell Pete as she wants him as much as he wants her. He tells her that he's never felt like this before and can't handle it; Pete's his best mate. Linda tells him that she's sick of being fancied by Pete's army pals - she's not a tart. She tries to fight her feelings but they end up in bed together. Alec asks the lads to hang onto the jukebox when they tell him the new owner has disappeared. Mavis tries to explain to Deirdre why she voted for Alf; she was frightened of change. Alf can't bring himself to celebrate with Deirdre and leaves the party early. Audrey stays as she's enjoying herself. Linda is devastated with guilt. On his own at No.11, Alf suffers a heart attack.


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