Episode 2729
Production code P694/1729
ITV transmission date 27th May 1987 (Wednesday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Roy Graham
Director Richard Holthouse
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 25th May 1987
Next episode 1st June 1987


Pete Jackson doesn't understand why Linda is so moody. Betty and Gloria worry about Bet's whereabouts as she hasn't been seen for two days. Pete tries to cheer Linda up but she breaks down, upset by his kindness. The brewery accountant looks for Bet as they're concerned about her. Alec receives a letter from Bet, telling him that she's left for good - she knows she'll never make the Rovers pay. He wishes she'd told him that she couldn't cope. Betty blames Alec for putting Bet into a position where she couldn't cope. He takes the jukebox to another pub. Terry gets Pete and Curly to do a job so he can see Linda. Alec discovers that Bet was paying the £15,000 in three instalments and was due to pay the last £5,000 when she disappeared. Pete returns home to find Linda and Terry on the sofa. He tells Terry that he's a bastard and Linda tells Terry to leave.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



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