Alf enjoys taking Sarah for walks in the park. He gets annoyed when Sam Tindall offers to be his companion now they're retired. Alf maintains he's not retired; he's not even sixty yet! Terry gives Curly £250, buying the van off him, telling him that he's leaving Weatherfield. He tells Curly whatever's left of the business he can have. He's decided he's not going to hang around and feel sorry for himself. Alec visits Cecil Newton and tells him that he wants what he's owed. Cecil promises him the £10,000 the brewery has received once they've found someone else to buy the tenancy. Alec tells him that he'd settle for the tenancy. Alf feels more stressed as a retired man so decides to return to the shop. He admits to Audrey that he can't manage without the shop. Cecil offers Alec the job of temporary manager so he can keep an eye on his interests. Terry tells the Jacksons he's leaving and he wants Linda to come with him. Pete can't believe it. Terry declares his love for Linda telling her that she can't stay with Pete just because she feels sorry for him. She knows he's right and packs. Pete pleads with her to stay but she leaves with Terry. Vera is distraught to read a note from Terry telling her that he's fed up and he's moving on. She fears he's in trouble with the Police.


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