Alan tells Brian that he's interested in the garage. Ivy is horrified to hear from Kevin that Brian is selling up and moving south. She confronts Brian, telling him that he'll never see Nicky; there's no way Gail will let him and Liz Turnbull have Nicky in the holidays. Alan pushes Brian for a quick sale, telling Kevin he'll make him manager. Alan offers Brian £16,500 telling him that he's got the money ready. Brian feels things are moving too quickly. Ivy calls on Liz and accuses her of wrecking Brian's life. She warns Liz that Brian will never forgive her if she drags him away from Nicky. Liz throws her out. Brian tells her that he doesn't like the way she's pushing him to move right away. She realises he can't move away and Nicky means more to him than she does so she asks him to leave; she wants him out of her life. Curly doesn't go for the job interview, telling Emily that he's signed up for a full-time business studies course at the Tech as a mature student. Brian is tormented watching Gail, Jeff Singleton and the children behaving like a happy family. When Nicky plays outside, Brian takes him off in the van.


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