Nicky doesn't want to go to Ireland and becomes subdued and upset. Gail gets sick of everyone asking her for news and she panics every time the phone rings or there's a knock on the door. Brian goes to join the Belfast ferry but Nicky tells him that he doesn't want to go on the ferry - he wants to go home to mum. Audrey and Ivy are worried sick about Nicky. Alec has to clean the pub himself. Brian brings Nicky back to Gail. After she's overcome her emotions she lays into Brian, calling him a rotten sod. She accuses him of putting her through four days of hell. She tells him that the Police are looking for him and tells him that he'll have to explain why he kidnapped Nicky. Brian is confused as he didn't kidnap Nicky; he's his son. Mike asks Deirdre to take the blame for him not getting planning permission; that she forgot to sort it out. She is amused when he suggests she flutters her eyelashes at her boss. Audrey and Ivy are thrilled to see Nicky again. Hilda misses working at the Rovers and is pleased when Alec offers her her job back. The Police tell Brian that he's wasted their time and advise him to sort things out with Gail. He tells Gail he's sorry. He tells her that he felt excluded from everyone and has nothing left. Gail lets him sleep in the spare room. He holds Sarah for the first time.


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Hilda Ogden: "He'd skin a flea and then sell it a vest, would Alf Roberts."

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