Episode 2747
Episode 2747
Production code P694/1747
ITV transmission date 29th July 1987 (Wednesday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Eric Deakins
Director Jonathan Wright-Miller
Executive Producer Bill Podmore
Producer John G. Temple
Previous episode 27th July 1987
Next episode 3rd August 1987


Mike stays out all night. Mavis finds it hard keeping the secret from Rita and she feels Rita thinks she's bothered with Derek. Susan runs the factory in Mike's absence. He returns and tells her that he wants children before he's too old to enjoy them. Curly is granted a place on the Business and Management Studies course, starting in September. Sally is annoyed when Kevin invites Hilda and Tom Hopwood to the party. Susan stops Prescotts' order from leaving the factory as Prescotts haven't settled their last two accounts. Kevin and Sally go shopping for a sofa to brighten the flat up. Kevin is pressurised by Sally and the salesman into buying one. He refuses to let her have the two matching chairs. Alan tells Rita that an old colleague has invited them to his wedding. Mike is furious that Susan has stopped the Prescott order and tells her in front of the workforce that she's sacked.


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