Ken refuses to let Susan stay at No.1 as it won't help her marriage. He tells her she must stand for herself. Susan returns to Mike. Mike is surprised but grateful that Ken threw her out. Alan gets Rita to the register office. She is stunned to find the Roberts and Mavis there - although Hilda nearly gives the game away when she can't buy a card for Damian. Alan tells Rita it's her wedding. Rather than agree, she is furious and accuses him of taking her for granted. She goes home. Mavis can't believe Rita turned Alan down and fears people will think she influenced her. Jenny is upset as Rita verbally attacks Alan, telling him he's childish and stupid. He maintains all he wanted was for her to be his wife. She tells him it's obvious he doesn't know her at all. Mike tells Susan she shouldn't fight her natural instincts and have children. She tells him she hasn't returned in order to become pregnant. Alan tells Rita he now knows she'll never marry him and must hate the idea of being married to him. Martin and Jenny arrange a date. Shirley chats Curly up at the Websters' party. He arranges to take her out. Alf gets merry at the party and spills red wine over one of Sally's chairs. Mike tells Susan they're not going to have a happy marriage until they have children. He tells her they'll have to finish if she doesn't agree.


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