Sally confesses to Kevin that she didn't contact Fletchers to get them to take the chairs back. Alf tells her that he'll have the chair cleaned for her. Cecil Newton tells Alec they've been in contact with Bet and the tenancy will be given back to the brewery as they're paying her money back. Cecil tells Alec it's up to him to contact Bet and get his money back. Cecil lets it slip that Bet is working in a bar in Torremolinos. Susan tells Ken that she and Mike are splitting. She asks his advice, he tells her one of them will have to compromise. Alec decides to go to Spain to get his money from Bet. He also wants to know if she ran away from her debts or him. Fletchers contact Sally and tell her they're coming for the chairs. Kevin realises they won't take back a damaged chair and he'll end up paying for it. Susan tells Mike she's going away to Newcastle to see how she feels when she's missing him. Alec flies out to Spain.


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Alec Gilroy: "So when can I expect a cheque from you?"
Cecil Newton: "From us?"
Alec Gilroy: "Well that's right. It was my money she used to pay you for the tenancy, she's giving you the tenancy back so you give me my money back. That seems to me as logical as keeping yer hat on in a bird sanctuary."

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