Rita talks Alan out of rushing back to France to search for Jenny. She is sure Jenny will get in contact. Jack suspects Percy of reporting him to the gas board. Percy tells him if he had reported him then he'd have made sure everyone knew. Ken apologises to Deirdre for being so intense. She breaks the news that she wants to go as a delegate at an Environmental Health Conference in Bournemouth. He tells her that he's astonished she's even contemplating going; Tracy is ill and he doesn't want Emily and Susan running his home. Deirdre wants to go to the conference to prove herself. Vera pays £10 deposit for a wallpaper sample book, she is horrified when Jack tears the samples out and pins them on the wall for effect. Ivy tells the Duckworths she reported them. Jenny returns home. She tells Alan and Rita that she's going to marry the man she has met - Patrice Podevin - and live in France.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Alan’s joy turns to frustration when a visitor delivers a startling revelation, and Jack’s knack for putting his foot in it almost has Brian sticking the boot in!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,700,000 viewers (3rd place).
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