It is Christopher's first birthday and he's had five presents including one from Shelagh Riley in Ireland. A stray dog roams the Street but won't come near anyone. Bobby is scared of it. Dennis upsets Minnie when she suggests shooting the dog. He stops Walter playing his radio otherwise he'll wake Elsie up. She gets up earlier than expected for a bank holiday and Dennis tells him to hide in the coalshed. He then manages to persuade her to go back to bed with a breakfast that he promises to make her, thus allowing Walter back in. Minnie enjoys sitting in the sunshine outside her house but Ena and Martha complain that she left it too late to book them on a trip to Lake Windermere. They decide to have tea together and are invited to the Vestry. Doreen and Sheila ask Harry's advice on bank holiday buses to Southport. Harry wonders why no one has seen Jerry recently. Albert takes Christopher for a birthday walk in his pram. Harry goes to Marshall's Cotton Mill when he hears they have a need of drivers. Dennis makes Walter sandwiches for the day before pushing him out again. Frank tells a reluctant Dennis he could offer Walter odd-job work in his shop. Dennis can't persuade his mother to go somewhere on her day off. Harry discovers that Jerry has broken his arm in a road accident and his bike is written off. Harry tells him he saw Sheila with Neil but Jerry isn't interested. Sheila can't make up her mind what to do for the day. Albert invites himself and Frank to No.9 for dinner but Ken and Val are setting off for a trip to the country. Dennis is on edge as Elsie chats to Walter in the Rovers about what his landlady's like. She invites him back for a meal. Ena takes the dog in but it only steal the tongue she's bought. Walter arrives for his tea, invited by Ena. Ken and Val enjoy their day out. The tea over, Ena asks her friends to leave so she can chat to Walter. He confides in her his secret that he is staying at No.11.


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