Alan is not happy to see Jenny all over Patrice Podevin. Nevertheless, he tells Patrice that he wants him to stay around as he wants to get to know him. Alec rents Patrice a room in the Rovers for £20 a night. Bet is annoyed and tells him that she's not cooking breakfasts for him. Alan tells Patrice he's not against Jenny marrying him but is worried they're rushing things. Patrice tells him that his father has suggested they wait until after his law studies have finished so he could marry in two years. He wants to tell Jenny this is what he's decided. Ken discovers that Deirdre didn't have to go to Bournemouth but she volunteered to go. Bet talks Betty into staying on permanently. Jenny accuses Patrice of being scared when he tells her that he wants them to wait two years before they marry. She accuses him of not loving her anymore.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Jenny’s French boyfriend has come to some firm decisions - do they lead young Jenny down the aisle or up the garden path? And Alec Gilroy must have read in his horoscope that there was money to be made from unsuspecting strangers!
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 14,550,000 viewers (6th place).
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