Jenny refuses to speak to Patrice Podevin. Alec grudgingly admits that Betty is worth keeping on as her cooking is so popular. He tells Bet that if she stays Gloria will have to go. Ken's still smarting following Audrey's revelation that Deirdre went on the course through choice not obligation. Susan tells him that it's his own fault for pushing her into the council job. Rita tries to make Jenny see that Patrice's feelings haven't changed and that if she really loves him she'll stand by him. She apologises to Patrice for acting like a child. Alf's furious with Audrey for blabbing to Ken. Patrice takes Jenny to a park and gives her an engagement ring. Bet refuses to sack Betty or Gloria. Alec tells her not to be so sentimental. Rita encourages Alan to celebrate Jenny's engagement, since it may not last.


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