Martin's dad gets him a job interview at the printing works where he works but he doesn't want the job. Deirdre gives Ken a report she has written on the conference for him to print in the Recorder. Alec is given the job of assembling a troupe to entertain the British Army in Germany. Ken finds Deirdre's report tedious and egotistical. Alec asks Betty to put more salt in her hotpot to make the customers thirsty but she refuses to change her recipe. The doctor tells Susan that she's definitely pregnant. Mike celebrates. Deirdre is enraged to read letters criticising her council trip on the ratepayers money. She asks Ken how he could criticise her so publicly. He tells her that he knows she was never picked to go on the trip but volunteered. He refuses to print her article, telling her that it's boring. Alec tells Bet he's going to have to go with the troupe to Germany. She is annoyed that she's going to be stuck in the Rovers. Deirdre tells Ken she didn't tell him she volunteered as she knew he'd have been horrid about it. He assures her that he's proud of her. Susan is embarrassed when Mike tells the Barlows about her pregnancy. Ken is pleased.


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