Episode 2778
Episode 2778
Production code P694/1778
ITV transmission date 16th November 1987 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Ann Swarbrick
Director John Michael Phillips
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 11th November 1987
Next episode 18th November 1987


Mike licks his wounds. When Hilda tries to help he accuses her of interfering and sacks her. Amy Burton moves into No.9. Deirdre feels sorry for Mike and visits him to try and help. He feels nothing matters anymore. Jack tries to get Amy to see she doesn't want to lose her independence and move away from Rusholme but she tells him that she intends to stay at No.9 until she dies. Hilda helps the Lowthers pack away their belongings. She is sad that she'll never polish the fine furniture again. Joan Lowther presents her with some expensive outfits she no longer wants. Ken is annoyed that Deirdre has tried to help Mike. He tells her that Mike is nothing to do with them anymore.


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Jack Duckworth: (about Amy Burton): "If she lived in India, she'd be sacred. You wouldn't laugh if you clapped eyes on 'er first thing in a morning... she looks like Boris Karloff after a busy night in the graveyard, face like a busted boot... and our Vera's goin' the same way."

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