Episode 2788
Episode 2788
Production code P694/1788
ITV transmission date 21st December 1987 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer John Stevenson
Designer Ann Swarbrick
Chris Bradshaw
Director Ric Mellis
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 16th December 1987
Next episode 23rd December 1987


Hilda tells Bet that she doesn't want her job back. She knows nobody needs her anymore and is no use to anyone. Mrs Lowther's sister calls on Hilda and asks her to visit Doctor Lowther with her as he wants to see her. Audrey doesn't like the way Ivy is going to have the grandchildren for Christmas. Mavis is outraged when Derek suggests that as they're being cast as lovers they may as well be. She refuses to lose her self-respect, although Rita is impressed. Hilda visits Doctor Lowther in Hartington. He asks her to keep house for him there and live in a flat attached to the cottage. She agrees. She tells Sally that she'll be taking good memories with her and leaving bad ones behind.


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