Len is on top of the world as he calls to see if Harry is in. He then calls at No.11, having given Elsie a week to answer his proposal. She's still not ready with her reply, saying she doesn't want to be rushed. Len assures her he's serious but she feels that they're both failures at marriage and asks for more time to think it over, though she admits she wouldn't be interested in a man who gave up on her easily. Len reluctantly agrees. Sheila overhears Martha telling Florrie that it's all her fault for not writing to Mrs Birtles earlier and getting her away from the area. She turns on the old lady, insulting her. Florrie tells Martha to mind her own business and even Ena tells her to let matters be. Sheila takes her temper out on Lucille when she finds her gossiping with Doreen in the flat. Doreen is worried that her friend isn't eating and points out that Neil hasn't been near her since the fight but Sheila says they're going out that night. Neil thanks Frank for cashing a cheque for him. As the two men drinks in the Rovers, Jack and Annie make it clear they're on Jerry's side and disapprove of Neil. Frank objects and is told he's welcome to take his custom elsewhere. Florrie asks Elsie's advice about Sheila, showing her a letter she's written to her mother. Elsie thinks it's a waste of time as the affair will soon end and Sheila will get over it. Harry announces he'll be the coach driver for the darts team outing to New Brighton. The regulars fuss over Jerry. Ena and Minnie feel sorry for him. Sheila returns from town having trouble controlling her emotions as she bumps into Jerry and Frank. Len and Frank swap barbs in the street about the two rivals. Doreen guesses that Sheila was stood up and waited for three hours. She's glad it's all over but Sheila refuses to believe it is, saying everything will be alright between them tomorrow.


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