Alec doesn't want Bet to go away on holiday with nymphomaniac Stella Rigby but refuses to leave the pub to go away with her. He refuses to let her go. She annoys him by telling all the customers Alec is being masterful and ordering her about. Alec doesn't like having his private business discussed over the bar. Pauline Lofthouse tells Gail she must be mad not to marry Brian. Gail tells her that she's not in love with Brian. Bet tells Alec he's going to have to trust her not to be unfaithful. He realises she's right. Gail realises that if she turns Brian down he'll turn sour at being rejected. She knows the children need him and doesn't want to risk losing him. Bet leaves on holiday. Gail tells Brian that she will marry him if he really wants to. He is delighted.


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Bet Gilroy (to Alec Gilroy): "I know you, your idea of a holiday would be a long weekend in Blackpool doing a round of all the summer shows. The only way I'd get you anywhere near a beach would be if somebody told you one of the donkeys could sing."

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