Ken looks forward to complete ownership of the Recorder. Gail works in the cafe in the morning, even though she's getting married in the afternoon. Gloria feels drawn to Mike despite herself. She is surprised when Mike tells her that he admires her spirit and offers her a more permanent relationship. He gives her a key to his flat. Ivy, Alf and the children are witnesses as Brian marries Gail at the Register Office. Gail wants it to be over as soon as possible and is embarrassed when Brian gives her an eternity ring. Ken tells Bob Statham he wants to buy his 60% for £30,000. Statham tells him that he's rushed for time. He tells him that the Clarion Group has put in a higher offer. Ken is furious. Statham tells him the Clarion Group will also buy him out, at £25,000. Brian and Gail's wedding night is spoilt when Nicky is ill and has to sleep with them. Linda Farrell gets drunk and calls on Mike, upset that he's finished with her. She tells him that she needs him but she repulses him. They struggle and he shoves her to the floor. Gloria arrives in time to find Mike bending over unconscious Linda.


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