Episode 2809
Production code P694/1809
ITV transmission date 29th February 1988 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Ann Swarbrick
Director Sarah Harding
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 24th February 1988
Next episode 2nd March 1988


Linda Farrell regains consciousness. Gloria is stunned when Linda tells her that she's left Graham for Mike. Linda swears Mike told her he loved her and she's been seeing him since Susan left. Mike begs Gloria to help him deal with Linda. Mike urges her to return home as she hasn't actually told Graham she's leaving. Gloria tells Mike she must have been stupid to fall for him. He asks her to take Linda home so Graham will think they've had a girls night out. Ken refuses to just give up the Recorder and decides to stand up to the Clarion Group. Bet returns from Morocco after having a wonderful time. Graham tells Mike he thinks that Linda is seeing someone else. Ken meets Nick Cavanagh, owner of the Clarion Group. Ken tells him that he wants the paper to be a success and is prepared to work at him with him. Mike is sorry that he had to involve Gloria in his problems. She tells him that she despises herself for lying to Graham and is upset that she's been used. He tells her he never promised commitment. He accuses her of being jealous that he two timed her with Linda. The Websters move into No.13. Bet tells Alec that she's seen a doctor and she's pregnant.


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Guest castEdit



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