Episode 2814
Production code P694/1814
ITV transmission date 16th March 1988 (Wednesday)
Story associates Paul Abbott
Tom Elliott
Writer Leslie Duxbury
Designer Ann Swarbrick
Director Tim Sullivan
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 14th March 1988
Next episode 21st March 1988


Sally doesn't like the way Gina Seddon flirts with Kevin. The Websters have a phone installed at No.13. Brian helps Kevin pay for it so he can be contacted for breakdowns. Curly decides to forget about the flat as Shirley wants it. Emily writes Shirley's reference and gives it to Alf. Alf tells Emily that Curly wants the flat himself. Emily is angry to think he wants to leave her house. She tells Curly she's hurt and disappointed that he's not been open about his feelings. Ken doesn't approve of Fiona Cavanagh's ethics when she blackmails people into advertising in the Recorder. Nick Cavanagh advises him to climb off his pedestal. Gina moves her gear into No.13, as she wants to keep out of Eddie Seddon's way; he thinks her boyfriend Billy Wyatt is a yobbo. Kevin is trapped into saying she can stay at No.13. Sally is furious. Shirley is disappointed when Alf tells her he's decided to rent the flat to Curly, saying he asked first. Sally accuses Kevin of letting Gina twist him round her finger. Shirley bitterly tells Curly the flat is his. Curly is puzzled as he didn't give Alf a reference but Shirley did. He suspects Alf of being a racist.


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