Deirdre considers having driving lessons now they're a two-car family. Sally is annoyed when Gina Seddon keeps wearing her clothes and ruining them. Alf assures Shirley he's not prejudiced against her. She tells him that it's his flat and he should do what he likes with it. Emily gets Sally to help her get at Alf. Sally agrees and tells Alf that Emily is taking him to the race relations board. Alf tells Emily it's obvious she wants Shirley to have the flat because she treats Curly like a son and doesn't want to lose him. Ken decides to sell the Volkswagen. He is surprised when Deirdre tells him she wants the car. Shirley tells Curly he can have the flat. He tells Alf he'd like it so Alf tells him he can have it if he can pay £20 a week. Curly isn't really happy about having the flat as it should be Shirley's. Shirley suggests they move in together.


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