Gina gets bored as Billy Wyatt has to work the Easter Bank Holiday. She encourages Martin to call. Alf lets the flat unfurnished. He learns that it was a mistake as it's harder to get rid of tenants unfurnished. Kevin is annoyed when Brian lets Billy road-test a car he's worked on and he gets Brian to change his mind. Sally discovers Gina has locked her out. She makes a noise alerting Gina who gets rid of Martin the back way. Emily helps Shirley make the flat look nice. Curly gets a few bits of furniture and Martin helps move him in. Shirley admits to Emily that she twisted Curly's arm a bit to get him to move in. Sally is certain Gina had a lad in the house and knows it wasn't Billy. Curly has some Dutch courage in the Rovers before spending his first night with Shirley. Curly confesses to Shirley he's a virgin, she promises to be gentle with him.


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  • The theme music used at the end of this episode starts from the very beginning of the Coronation Street theme, although the credits are the standard length.
  • TV Times synopsis: Most of us take 'Home Sweet Home' for granted, but Shirley and Curly are beginning to see that this is a bit of a fallacy. And Sally is beginning to wonder just what her sister, Gina, does for entertainment while they're out at work.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,400,000 viewers (4th place).
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