Alf oversleeps and misses opening the shop up. He feels neglected and upset to hear the residents think Audrey has left him. Ivy tackles Brian about why Audrey went to Canada but he tells her Gail doesn't want anyone to know. Mrs Armitage gives Curly the once-over. She disapproves of him as he's living in sin with her daughter. She tells Shirley she should be ashamed. Curly promises Mrs Armitage he loves Shirley and won't hurt her. She is won over. Alan spends the £6,000 on a car. Alf is grateful when Rita cooks him a meal. He gets drunk and tells Rita about Audrey's son. Rita is furious to find Alan has spent her money on a car. He tells her he needs a car for the business.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Just when Curly and Shirley thought it was safe to go back into the flat, there's another family intrusion - this time from Shirley’s side… And Audrey’s absence is driving Alf to despair.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,850,000 viewers (4th place).
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