Curly gets a letter saying his mother wants nothing more to do with him. He is upset that she's turned her back on him and goes to Crewe to sort things out. Rita tells Alan she doesn't know him anymore; he's turning into a Jekyll and Hyde. He swears the car is an investment. He asks her to be supportive instead of always criticising him. Gloria is thrilled when she's sent a bouquet of roses. Mrs Watts refuses to let Curly in the house. Shirley is upset for him. Rita tells Gail that Alf has told her the truth about Audrey, she wants her to know that if it gets out if won't be from her. Gail is furious that Alf told her. Mike books a table at an expensive restaurant confident that the roses will have melted Gloria. Curly tells Shirley he's going to accept the situation. Gloria is stunned to discover Mike sent the roses and is furious when he takes it for granted she'll go out with him. She throws the roses at him publicly and tells him to get lost. Alf tries to get hold of Audrey in vain. Mike is stopped whilst driving the jag by the police who breathalyse him. He is taken to the Police Station.


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