Sandra Stubbs answers Alec's advertisement for a cleaner. He is put off by her black eye. She tells him that her husband gave it her. Bet tells him that he can't hold that against her. Mike overhears Vera laughing over the fact he's lost his licence. Alan talks Rita into letting him use the Yard for his business, with him using it as collateral to get money from the bank. She is amazed at the speed he's moving along. Alec tells Sandra the job is hers. Mike tells Emily he's not happy with the quality of the curtains being produced. He tells her he intends to make an example of one of the girls to shake the others up.


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Alec Gilroy: "Look, we do have certain standards to maintain, even amongst the cleaning staff"
Bet Gilroy: "By 'eck, Alec, there must be summat in the air in this place"
Alec Gilroy: "Eh?"
Bet Gilroy: "You're even beginning to sound like Annie Walker."

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