Vera asks Mike for her job back now Ida has confessed but he refuses. When she threatens to take him to a tribunal he shows her a file, telling her it's on her and full of sackable offenses. In reality it's the VAT file. Percy tells Deirdre he's being thrown onto the street by the Council. She tells him he has to retire at sixty-five but promises to find him somewhere to live. Audrey gets a settlement from the credit card company saying she owes £668 run up in Canada. Alf goes to buy a coat and is horrified to find his credit refused as it's over the limit. He is thrown out of the shop. Alf is horrified to learn Audrey owes £668. He cuts her credit card up. She tells him he's being cruel and he must hate her. She tells him she can't handle money and tells him she needs guidance. Mike tells Vera he'd like to re-employ her but will only do so if she will be his witness against Ida to say at the tribunal that Ida was always a troublemaker. Deirdre discovers Percy has ignored all Council letters notifying him of his retirement. She tells him to look at his new flat. Emily has her hair cut short for the first time. Mike and Vera scare Ida into dropping the tribunal. Mike celebrates and Vera is delighted to have her job back. Percy looks at the tower block where he's to be re-housed. He refuses it and decides to barricade himself in his flat.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Councillor Deirdre finds herself at the sharp end of an ultimatum.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,900,000 viewers (4th place).
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