Episode 2835
Production code P694/1835
ITV transmission date 1st June 1988 (Wednesday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Paul Abbott
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer Ann Swarbrick
Director Ric Mellis
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 25th May 1988
Next episode 6th June 1988


Emily can't believe it when Percy takes over the house, doing all the housework and waking her up by hoovering. She is annoyed when he starts organising her life. She is also horrified when Percy publicly rows with Phyllis when Phyllis insinuates Emily is after his body. Don books the wedding reception at the Rovers. He refuses to let Ivy get involved with the money side of the wedding. Emily is distressed by hearing people gossiping about Percy and her. She tells Percy she'll throw him out if he continues to follow her around, reorganise her life or partake in public slanging matches on her behalf. He is shocked. Don tells Ivy he wants to get her a wedding ring although she wants to continue wearing Bert's ring. She feels the wedding is costing too much money and feels they should use Bert's ring. Don refuses. Mavis hears that Wayne Pickles is planning to continue his harassment of Jason Stubbs. Mavis refuses to stand by. She calls on Wayne's mother and tells her that Wayne has been picking on Jason. Mrs Pickles takes Wayne's side and threatens her with violence. Don apologises to Ivy and tells her she could wear Bert's ring on another finger. They make up and he agrees to show her all bills. They agree on a new start.


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