Sandra Stubbs is horrified that Ronnie is on her trail. He confronts her and demands to know why she's run out on him. Ronnie finds out which school Jason is at and takes him out at lunchtime. Jason refuses to let him where they live, knowing it will cause trouble. Jason can't handle the situation. Ronnie tells Sandra he'll follow her to find out where she lives so she threatens him with the police. Ken and Bob Statham see the Receiver but he is too busy to see them. They establish the Recorder is still theirs but don't know when they can publish as all their offices are locked up. Vera realises Mike is spending a fortune on an agency driver and offers her services as his full-time driver. Ken refuses to wait for permission and gets the paper out. Mike refuses to have Vera as his driver, telling her he wants glamour. Ronnie tells Bet he wants to make things up with Sandra, saying he loves her and wants his family together again. He's ashamed that he hit her.


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