Episode 2846
Episode 2846
Production code P694/1846
ITV transmission date 11th July 1988 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Jane Woodrow
Writer Barry Hill
Designer Amanda McArthur
Director Howard Baker
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 6th July 1988
Next episode 13th July 1988


Jason Stubbs runs out of the flat to the Rovers and tells everyone that Sandra is being beaten up. Ken and Alan rush to help her. Mike calls the police whilst Bet takes care of distraught Jason. Ronnie Stubbs leaves Sandra bruised and shaken. She is taken to hospital and kept in overnight for observation. Bet takes Jason in for the night. The police talk Sandra into making an official complaint against Ronnie. Bet apologises to her for not believing Ronnie was violent. Jack makes a list of his grievances since the accident, including lack of sexual appetite. Ken decides to rent premises in Curzon Street. He tells Bob Statham he wants to buy his share of the Recorder and offers him £20,000. Statham wants £30,000 but Ken promises him the money immediately. Statham is forced to agree. The Barlows celebrate.


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