The caretaker of the Weatherfield Trades and Labour Club puts up the poster for the tonight's "Club Night" which includes "Britain's newest dynamic singing star: Bret Falcon". Walter himself is nervous as he also has his court hearing that morning alongside Alf and Albert. He's dressed up in stage gear for court. Albert, dressed in his best winged-collar suit, is also fretting. Alf blames him for getting them into trouble. Dennis has given Walter a list of things to say in the dock which Alf and Albert vehemently object to. Ken advises him instead to plead guilty with no fuss and get out of court quickly. Ena tells Emily she deserves her manager's job though she isn't pleased that she'll be visiting her for the monthly inspection of the Mission. Doreen tells Lucille she's managed to persuade Sheila to go to see Walter's concert. Dennis rings the press, unsuccessfully trying to drum up interest. Len tells Annie about his divorce. She praises him for being unselfish in giving Nellie custody of Stanley. Martha asks Annie for a £1 advance on her wages. A subdued Alf and Albert return from court, having been fined £10 and £5 respectively. Walter got £2 and no time to pay for his minor offence as he annoyed the court and has now disappeared. Val and Florrie are pleased that Sheila is going to make an effort at last by going to the club. Dennis looks for Walter everywhere. Doreen, Lucille and Jerry turn up at No.11 to go to the concert but Sheila has refused to join them. Jerry tells a despondent Dennis that Walter is in the Rovers. There, Ena is telling him about the music hall acts of the past. Dennis fetches him away. Ken thinks of starting a collection for Albert but Frank admits that he can't contribute as Neil's £25 cheque has bounced. Ken is determined to track him down to get the money back. Val teases him that he's doing it more because he's an outraged husband than an outraged son. Dennis and Walter arrive at the club.


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