Episode 2856
Production code P694/1856
ITV transmission date 15th August 1988 (Monday)
Story associates Tom Elliott
Diane Culverhouse
Writer Brian Finch
Designer David Buxton
Director Ian White
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 10th August 1988
Next episode 17th August 1988


Gail shows her dislike of Malcolm Reid. He admits to her that Audrey led him to believe in Canada that they had a future together. Alf refuses to believe Audrey was faithful. He throws Malcolm and his things onto the Street. He threatens to kill Malcolm if he shows his face again. Arnold Swift and Phyllis hitch a lift back together, getting drunk on the way. Arnold thanks Percy for putting him onto Phyllis - Percy is astonished that he fancies her. Gloria and Sandra Stubbs go to a nightclub where Tony Walker chats them up, they call themselves Cheryl and Roxanne. They join him and his friend, who turns out to be Mike. Mike goes along with the charade. He enjoys getting at Sandra by telling her how bad his cleaner is. Gail tells Audrey she ought to be ashamed leading Malcolm on in front of everyone. Audrey breaks down when Gail tells her she doesn't respect her. Alec is horrified when Bet takes in an Alsatian guard dog called Rover.


Regular castEdit

Guest castEdit



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