Kevin guesses that Terry has put a girl up to phoning Sally. He warns Terry off. Mike allows Curly to study the factory. Mike frustrates his intelligent questions by saying he's in business to make money. Alan and Rita agree to be Mavis and Derek's witnesses. Terry gets his mate Dazz Bailey to tell Sally to tell Kevin to keep his hands off his girlfriend. Sally is shaken by it. She breaks down and confronts Kevin. Kevin doesn't understand what's going on. Vera tells Curly all about the working conditions at the factory. Mandy Turner overheard Dazz talking to Sally and feels bad. She tells Sally that Terry put Dazz up to it and it was her who phoned Sally up. She apologises. Mavis is delighted when Derek books the Register Office for 9th November. Sally apologises to Kevin for not believing him. The Websters and Curly publicly spurn Terry. Terry pretends not to be bothered.


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