Episode 2875
Production code P694/1875
ITV transmission date 19th October 1988 (Wednesday)
Story associates Diane Culverhouse
Barry Hill
Writer Peter Whalley
Designer David Buxton
Director Ian White
Producer Bill Podmore
Previous episode 17th October 1988
Next episode 24th October 1988


Jenny begs Rita to forget all that she said. She tells her she wants to keep them all together as a family. Rita promises she won't throw Alan out so Jenny tells her that Alan's been seeing a woman in Oakwood Road. Rita goes through Alan's files at the office and finds out who lives at that address. Gina has enough of Phyllis getting at her and accuses her of hating her. Gina tells her she's going to tell Gail they can't work together. Rita drives down Oakwood Road and sees Alan's car parked outside Carole Burns' house. Audrey tells Phyllis that faced with a choice, Gail will keep Gina on. Phyllis tries to make up with Gina and begs her not to talk to Gail. She promises things will be better. Gina agrees to keep quiet. Vera gets the cash out of the Building Society. Jack is horrified when she only brings £30 home and gives him £15, telling him she's spent the rest on a bed, microwave and washing machine. Jack goes into shock. Alan guesses that Rita knows about his affair. He admits it to Rita, saying he's been seeing her for some time. He tells Rita she's physically cold and never shows him affection. She refuses to feel guilty. He tells her his affair happened because he wasn't committed to her - she wouldn't let him. He blames her for not marrying him and tells her he'll move out immediately.


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