Terry tries to get the graffiti off the Jaguar but it needs a new spray job. When Mike returns, Terry shows him the car, letting him believe the graffiti is a warning for him. Mike is horrified and gets it re-sprayed quickly. When she doesn't hear from Alan about the Yard, Rita decides to see her solicitor. Mike confides in Terry that he's been seeing a married woman. Terry is certain he's got away with it. Rita is upset to receive a brief informal note from Alan saying he's vacating the Yard. Gloria feels awful as she's fallen for Pete Shaw. He tells her that he really likes her and wants to see more of her. Sandra Stubbs calls on Gloria whilst Pete's in her flat. She manages to get rid of Sandra without making her suspicious but feels rotten.


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  • Location OB recording for the exterior of St. Mary's Place was conducted at an apartment block immediately south of St. John's Gardens, Lower Byrom Street, Manchester, next to the Museum of Science and Industry and Granada Television's Quay Street studios. The top of the mock television mast on the Granada building can be glimpsed above the flats in one of the shots as Terry Duckworth shows Mike Baldwin the damaged Jaguar. The flat in real life was owned by Johnny Briggs as his weekday base in Manchester. See 46b, St. Mary's Place for other appearances and further details of the site.
  • TV Times synopsis: When Sandra senses an icy chill in the air she seeks friendship and affection, only to find herself coming too close to a forest fire. And a vengeful artist at work has put Terry in a potentially embarrassing situation, but he's found a way of diverting attention away from his own misdemeanours.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,400,000 viewers (8th place).
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