Terry tells Vera he's resigned from the factory. Vera can't believe it. Rita can't believe Alan is back - she feels she's dreaming. Vera demands to know why Terry has left the factory. Mike tells her he's been fired. Vera feels all the girls are talking about her family. Alec asks Sandra Stubbs to return to the Rovers and she tells him she'll think about it. Vera accuses Mike of victimising Terry because he's a Duckworth. Mike tells her that Terry took a married woman out in his Jaguar. Vera is horrified and lays into Terry for tom-catting with a married woman. She tells him she's disappointed in him. Rita is surprised that Alan's back but is too frightened to ask him why in case he leaves again. Alan tells Carole Burns he still wants to see her even though he's returned to Rita. She accuses him of being after Rita's money but he says it's for Jenny's sake. She forgives him. Sandra agrees to return when Alec promises her a rise. Ivy is expecting to spend Christmas at the Roberts' as it's Audrey's turn to have the family. Alan assures Rita he's finished with Carole.


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  • TV Times synopsis: As rumours abound about the latest developments in Terry’s career, Vera has a sneaking feeling that she hasn’t been told the whole truth.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 17,000,000 viewers (5th place).
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