Terry tells Vera there's nothing left for him in Weatherfield. She begs him to stay for Christmas but he sells his jewellery and heads for Bournemouth. Vera is distraught and blames Mike for sacking Terry. Alec doesn't know how to tell Bet that Gloria has left. Vera is horrified to discover Terry sold his gold medallion to Jack. She attacks him for giving Terry the money to leave. Alan tells Rita he plans to give up the Yard and raise the finances for a shop. He assures her he won't be asking her for the money. Alec phones the health farm only to be told Bet and Stella Rigby checked out after only one week of their stay there.


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  • Last appearance of Terry Duckworth until 31st January 1992.
  • TV Times synopsis: It's clear that Terry won't be painting the town red in the near future, but he realises there's a golden opportunity dangling right in front of him. And Alec is fretting about facing Bet with the facts about the staffing situation at the Rovers, until he discovers that he's not the only one who's been deceitful.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,700,000 viewers (6th place).
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